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Concerto Suite Premiere Performances

Fan report and Voice of massage bord

15/JUNE/2001 Sumida Triphony Hall
17/JUNE/2001 Shibuya Orchard Hall


I went on the 15th. It was great. I was already in a state of nervous excitement when the pipe-organ got a light. I could feel the acoustic. Everybody in a hall was sympathized with the thing which can never experience with CD. I was impressed. And I want to give the yell to flute players who perfectly played the busy passage of keyboard parts.


This is the first time for me to write. I knew about this concert would be held from this fan-site a year ago, and I contacted to get a ticket in desperation, and waited one year, same as you guys...that was really worth to wait. I went on 15th, but now I regret for not getting a ticket for 17th as well. Seems DVD will be released, so I'll look forward to it. My personal impression of the concert was following...
1.Again, Yngwie has a technique. He was emotional, the guitar sound was clear, and I could listen without worry this time since he hardly moved when he played. Except TRILOGY on the first day...
2. Regrettably, seems it was difficult to balance the volume of guitar and orchestra.
Sometimes guitar sound was too big.
3.I think no need to throw a pick...
4.I guess Mr. Takemoto, the conductor was not easy to do..., Yngwie, you should better look at the conductor as well.
5.Yngwie as well as orchestra players were finding difficult to react..., only they could do was to clap their hands each other or shake hands. But it was fun to see such cute Maestro.
Anyhow, I wish this kind of event will be planned again in near future. According to Yoko-san's report, looks Yngwie was having a really tough time. Thank you so much Yngwie for the great show. I ' m looking forward to seeing your live in July too.


It was an exciting week for me. Lots of things happened during four days of rehearsals...these four days were tough for the inspector! As yoko-san said, it was true that everything has gone well once concert started, and we were intoxicated with playing. I also appreciate that I could meet many people through Mr. Malmsteen this time. Everybody, please come to NJP's concert too, after Mr. Malmsteen's tour in July is over. We are performing hot each time. Today, we are going to play the main theme of Star Wars in front of children in Ota-city. We'll play hot from morning. Take care everybody!!


I could get a ticket with difficulties, but was able to see the concert. it was said that Yngwie's play is rough recently, but I didn't feel so at all. It was a great play.


I write this report from a view point beside a set list and sound effect of the concerto suite on 15th June at Triphony hall. Thanks to this Mega-fan site, I was able to get a center of second row seat. And my longing delusion came true on this day. First of all I was astonished at the hall which was like a luxury hotel. (The bathroom was so beautiful and clean, the clerks were very polite, and there was a cloakroom as well). I got the eight pages pamphlet of this event, and was so delighted! As soon as I walked into the hall where the magnificent pipe organ and the huge space for the choir exist, I smelled the aroma of the wood. It's a total different world for me as I only go to the rock concert. But I found it was very comfortable to be surrounded by its elegant atmosphere. I was like, "mmm...... yes, honestly nice". The stage with the chairs lined in sectorial was unexpectedly quite low and very close. Then the show started. Dressed-up players came out from both sides of the stage and sat their seat silently. I was tensed too. The opening number was" BLACKSTAR". Needless to say, this is maestro's master piece, but I was very impressed by the power of the live orchestra. I was overwhelmed by players and the conductor's serious face. I noticed each instruments had a small microphone. (Is it a normal thing?) Then Yngwie appeared. His gorgeous costume matched to this event and was wonderful. The songs of the part one were from the master pieces of instrumentals. Sometimes the guitar sound was not clear enough to hear, but instead, I could hear Yngwie's live picking noise for the first time. He wasn't using orchestra as a back band. I could see him trying to get a timing with the conductor, and to express his music in full as a soloist, one of the players. For me, Yngwie's appeal is the dramatic melody which can be say as an appeal of a classical music. His technique is for expressing his soul. I cannot think of better event than this, if you talk about playing with the orchestra as a soloist, not with a back band. Part one has finished already... In part two "MILLENNIUM", a symphony consisting of eleven movements, I felt his music with all my body and brain lost an ability to think. It was great. It became even more magnificent by choir. After the song, I finally came back to this real world. My body was trembling with emotion. I could feel whole audience became as one and was giving him a standing ovation, although I didn't look back. Finally, I was completely knocked out by the encore song, "FAR BEYOND THE SUN" It was not on the list, and I didn't think about the encore in this event, so I shed tears. "Shed tears is easy to express, but this was my first experience that I could not stop crying with a deep emotion. There is no meaning to categorize music to get touched by beautiful music. "Art" was the suitable word for this concert. I wish everybody to listen, especially for the people who treat the electric guitar as heresy. I thank God from my heart that I was able to be there.


How do you do? Don't you think today's condition of Yngwie was not so good? I think his play was obviously lacking of brilliance compare to Sumida's live... But it was fantastic though. I wish the first day's live to become DVD.


This is my first time to write. I went to Sumida hall. How was the Orchard hall? It was a great concert anyway. If you make orchestra arrangements to other than classic songs, sound itself becomes more luxury but usually feelings or impressions of these songs originally have, become completely different. But this time, not only sound became luxury but also all the songs kept its original spirit. Or may be more. I was impressed by that. I could understand his music was the extension of classical roots. It's like a sound made by fusion of Ôneo-classical' concept which to be applied in both classic and rock world. As everybody pointed out, I also thought the guitar sound was much clear in the part two at Sumida hall. Acoustics of the hall usually different between full of people and empty (especially in a classic hall like Sumida Triphony), so may be the sound became different than rehearsal one in the part one. I think they adjusted with a mixing-table during a break by taking those into consideration. I used to have an impression that NJP's play and sound are quite calm, but that image has gone now. Some people were playing so violently. Not only the violinists but also the contrabass players were playing the same difficult passage as Yngwie, although they did not stand out so much. I believe people at NJP also practiced a lot. I admired their being so professional. I was amazed that the orchestra had been also powerful through FAR BEYOND THE SUN anyhow. They were so tough, or may be they couldn't help themselves from getting excited?


You overcame the difficulties of costarring with the orchestra. Well done! I was impressed!


It's been a quite long time to write. I went two days, and I was really impressed. I was much relaxed to see on the second day, because I already knew what's going to happen. I could see that NJP really did their best to play the songs. In any case, I appreciate so much to Yngwie, NJP, and all other concerned people for giving us this beautiful time!!!


I went on 15th too. The guitar volume was extremely small compare to his usual live, but the concert itself was excellent. By the way, I heard DVD will be released someday, but was there a camera in a hall??? I'm very worried about it. ÔCause I'm dying to see it once more...


I'm K living in Hiratsuka. I dropped by Hard Rock CafŽ, so I just came back home now. Besides "MILLENNIUM", I thought TRILOGY SUITE OP.5, BLITZKRIEG and FAR BEYOND THE SUN were especially great. I want to see it again with DVD asap!


It's been a long time to drop a line. Today's concert was really great and by far exceeded my expectation. Both Yngwie and NJP's play were terrific! And the response of audience was also great. I've been in a deep emotion from "BLACKSTAR' before Yngwie appeared, but especially after "ICARUS", I was so impressed that I couldn't watch it without tears. The guitar-tech made us laugh during a break, and yes, everything was great. I'm planning to go to the live at Britz next month, so I'm very happy that I can see him again in a month. I'll tray to go to the show at Shibuya as well!


I think he was quite relaxed today, I mean Maestro. And that led to some mistakes, I think. But today's live was great too. My seat was very far from the stage though!


I was extremely impressed today anyway. My seat was 6th row of left side (many things were thrown), and I could hear Yngwie breathing, he caught my eyes many times during the encore, and my heart was beating so fast. Maestro. Yes, he is Maestro. His aura, its existence is different. I doubt he is a same human being. And his tearjerker of vibrato. That man (the guitar-tech) was funny during a break. He made us laugh by wiping his head with towel, bringing Yngwie's guitar, and so on. When he was throwing picks to the audience, it reminds me of feeding carps. The concert on July and DVD, I'm looking forward to them.


Good morning everybody. The concert was great, wasn't it? At the very end, I was able to touch Yngwie. Thank you very much Yoko-san for arranging the fantastic seat.


I was nervous all the day on 15th...yes, it came true at last! I'll go to Orchard hall wearing moss green again (one-piece today)! Triphony hall had a very good look, but the sound was lack of power because my seat was 23rd row regrettably. His guitar howled too...I understand it's difficult to take the balance of acoustic instruments and an electric guitar though. But I'm very looking forward to today's Orchard because I have a good impression when I went to see Kremer there. I'm already in a deep emotion, thinking about having that great excitement again. I feel great to be alive!!


Good morning. My heart is filled with a deep emotion. I'm going today as well. See you. Cheers for Yngwie! I love you! I'm always here! Come and meet me! Yngwie!


It's been a long time. I couldn't find time to do the internet since I joined university. But today, I cannot stop laughing from this morning, and I'm so excited that I am about to shout.
Oh, it's killing. I almost crying. I lost my word with this deep emotion.


Yngwie, you're great!


I just came back from Orchard hall. It was great as you all said! I was surprised to know again that all Yngwie's songs became complete classic pieces if you make a certain arrangement. I could imagine part two, ÔMILLENNIUM' by listening to CD continuously, so I was expecting to see part one more. "EVIL EYE" and "TRILOGY" were excellent! Since these were the fast tunes, people at the orchestra looked quite hard to catch up. But as some people said in the report of 15th, guitar sound was completely different (intentionally?) compare the part one and two. The sound of part one was like, not sharp...not clear....and I couldn't catch the melody clearly. The sound of part two was as usual. But seems he didn't drowned out the orchestra's sound, and its balance was perfect. I think this volume will be also good for his rock live. Anyway, Yngwie performs this kind of things easily, that because he is a precious guitarist...or I should call him real genius. I'm looking forward to seeing his show in July!

I went to the CONCERTO live on 15th! Yasu-san wrote: The guitar sound was completely different (intentionally?) compare the part one and two....
If 17th was like that too, may be it was intentional. But as Lazy-san said, I really think those are a little things. I was worrying about becoming more messy, so I think we can call that Ôa big success!' When the dynamics of Yngwie and the orchestra became as one, there was a huge live power which we can never experience with CD. Yngwie's face with rapture was branded on my memory. The arrangement for instrumental songs other than ÔMILLENNIUM' was also perfect! I should have bought a ticket for 17th as well. That was my big mistake. A conclusion is, great!


I went to Orchard hall. It was great as reputed. I shed a tear with BROTHERS. And a long-haired player of 1st violin was cool. I guess it was very tough to play.....I'm looking forward to seeing him in July too.


This is my first time to write. Today's concert was also great! I realized again how genius Yngwie is. I'm very sad because there are no Yngwie fans around me... I was completely forgotten to reserve a live ticket for July due to hard working. That was a big mistake in my life....


Today's sound was the best in Yngwie's live. Was it because not with his band? Song choice in part one was good, but I didn't think the arrangement was so good. I wonder how everybody think about it....NJP also did a good job, but I sometimes felt uneasy. It seemed Yngwie was not listening to the Orchestra sound. At the beginning of part two, he seemed to be nervous and made a mistake, but his play became fantastic towards second half! I've been exploded from second half of part two till the encore!! That's Yngwie!! I think it will become an excellent performance if they do a few more shows. But I know they don't....


This moment has come at last. Regrettably, It was raining outside but Yngwie also succeeded to make the heavy rain of applause falling all over the hall. I've been listening to MILLENNIUM only with CD, but what does it like to listen its melodies live? Needless to say, that was exceeding my imagination to the great extent. I'm sure Yngwie had also waited for this day in expectations. After BLACKSTAR played by the orchestra, Yngwie appeared with the tensed countenance. The strained air hung over the hall as if his tense has expanded to each audience. His extraordinary talent of song writing and his prominent technique of guitar was substantiated perfectly by his work called CONCERTO SUITE. Sweat and spirit came out from his body, and his soul became a glint of the light and flooded from his eyes. His tortured look, his smile with satisfaction, and the melodies he played, each of them was a real art. Looking at Yngwie, after released from the tense and jumping around the stage, I was filled with deep emotion. How many times did tears trick down my cheek? I was absorbed in his play, and my body was overflowed with happiness of sharing the same time and the same sound with him. Beautiful but transitory melodies I had listened over and over, became as a flashing arrow and shot my soul. I was happy to be in this Heaven which Yngwie has created, and hoped this moment to last forever. That's why I clapped my hands madly, and also was left to the intense world that I've just seen now. Yngwie, thank you for the beautiful time, I was deeply moved. I wish I could express this feeling in music like you.


I went to see the concerto on 15th. It was true that each tune of guitar sound had a tendency to crush each other, and also sometimes couldn't get a right timing with the orchestra in the part one. And some troubles of howling in the part two also. I guessed each setting was very difficult, since it was the first time to do the concerto like this situation. I think these kinds of trouble will be solved by 17th. I cannot go on 17th, though. I have a work. What a pity! But this kind of trouble was not a big problem. Seemed Yngwie's condition was good, and his play was really great. I can imagine the difficulties of doing this kind of concert again in future, so I was really happy to see the historical moment this time. I now realize how wonderful thing it is to live the same era with a genius musician like Yngwie. And of course I also appreciate Yoko-san for giving me such an opportunity this time. To everybody who goes concerto on 17th, please feel the history.


Hello, everybody. Yes, I went to Kinshi-cho. Well, it was a really great concert. It is true that there were some mistakes which might came from lack of doing rehearsals. And of course there was a moment of having a goose flesh which I can only say great. But I can even think it is meaningless to write those things in details. It was that great. I've been to a classic concert many times, but I was really surprised with that stormy standing ovation which happened naturally at the end of the part two. Needless to say, I found myself standing and clapping hands madly too. Honestly, that kind of concert was my first experience. I also saw Tsuru-chan's HP. I presume that kind of concert with extraordinary excitement gave a flesh surprise and deep impression to classic people like NJP rather than rock people. I thought it was a good example to show how music can give a deep impression to everybody, if it has a good material and a good skill to express. For me, it was not a music which to be categorized into classic or rock, but it was like new music MILLENNIUM was born gorgeously. Lastly, I would like to thank and show respect to Yngwie who visited Japan for us in spite of his tough schedule, to Mr. David Rosenthal who was contributed to this great achievement behind the scenes ( he was there in a venue. This historical event was never happened if he did not embody Yngwie's imagination into score), and of course to NJP leaded by conductor Mr. Takemoto, who made this wonderful event came true and moved our soul with their fantastic performance. Thank you so much. Well, after tomorrow's concert, we can see Yngwie with his rock band next month. Let's become excited again everybody!
P. S. To people at Pony Canyon, Please release DVD asap!!!


How do you do? I'm still in excitement since last night. I was totally knocked out from the beginning till the end. I was bubbling with expectation when I headed to the hall. (I left my office early.) But, that concert was by far exceeded my expectation and anticipation. Yngwie, you are great!! I want to give my appreciation to NJP and all the people who concerned to make this possible!!


It was just like I listened to the sound of culture. When I saw his face with satisfaction. I could understand that was his real desired dream and it made my heart filled with deep emotion. I really wanted to go tomorrow as well, but unfortunately the ticket has been sold out already when I got my payment.

That was wonderful! I was so moved and this was the second time for me to get so excited following ULI's concert. It was so great that I was just looking at Maestro vacantly. Especially the encore tune, FAR BEYOND THE SUN was excellent!


How do you do? This is the first time for me to drop a line in this HP. I went to the concert on 15th June. That was great! I've been going to Yngwie's live since TRILOGY tour. But I felt that the atmosphere before the show was completely different from his usual rock concert. And this was the best concert I've ever seen. I felt like I received the greatest gift from him for being his fan for fifteen years. I want to thank NJP who played the best performance, Yoko-san who arranged the best seat (the first row!) for me, and Yngwie who created the unforgettable greatest works and played it in front of me. Thank you so much!!!


The concert was great. That was the greatest event of the century. I cried out at the introduction of the first song, BLACKSTAR played by harp. My seat was the first row of the left side so I could see Yngwie coming in and going out the stage. I got a pick too and received his touch in the end. I shouted "MALMSTEEN!!"when he was about to leave the stage, and then he returned to me and touched my hand. His hand was so hot. I was so impressed by the last tune, FAR BEYOND THE SUN. From the passage of PAGANINI to ADAGIO and FAR BEYOND THE SUN. I got goose flesh. (The standing ovation started although the last tune was still alive. I couldn't stop this feeling.) NJP also got heated. Like the flute players, they were practicing until the last moment. Thank you very much for the wonderful performance. The conductor, Mr. Takemoto who looked like a young boy and seemed to be able to get along with Yngwie. He tried to adjust with Yngwie and counted 'one, two, three, four'with a small voice. All the players, and audience became united and it was the excellent concert. I want to go on 17th too, but I cannot, because it is my daughter's birthday. Probably his play itself will be better than today, but I will never forget the happiness of joining the first day of excellent performance of the century.


Good evening, this is Joker. Yesterday's show was great!!! I sometimes had to look away to stop my tears falling. I was really moved. Yngwie, thank you!!!!!


It was a wonderful night... I, Kao-Lyn-Turner, have run for presenting a live report, so I'm expecting to complete it before this great impression faded. But I'm sure this feeling will never fade away!!! No matter how my contact lenses hurt my eyes, or my make-up removes. I couldn't stop my tears... I had an experience of crying during a live several times in the past, but this was the first time that my body was trembling with deep emotion. Everybody in NJP, and all the people who concerned to this event, thank you so much for the beautiful time! Yngwie, ....he is the one to be called a real artist. I thank God that I'm living the same era as him.

How long I've waited for this day By Nicolo

How long I've waited for this day!! I really couldn't wait any longer. It's been almost ten years since Yngwie had said, 'There is one thing I want to do, that is to play the first violin part of orchestra by an electric guitar.''Finally his dream comes true and he'll play in front of us in Japan.'Even just thinking like this, I was so excited!!
Yngwie must have been tensed as well as I have. When the opening number, BLACKSTAR (its arrangement was splendid.) had started and echoed in the hall, my body was floating in the air and had goose bumps all over me. 'I'm now here to see this historical concert.'I was impressed by the fact Yngwie didn't see the conductor often while playing, but I felt clam when I saw Yngwie was adjusting the timing with the conductor to start. I wonder how many hours NJP practiced for this concerto live? They must have been perplexed when they first saw so much flats in the score. And they should've wondered why a rock musician could compose classic music. Such a talented person, Yngwie is the suitable man to be called as God. I've never been impressed like this. And I'd never had a concert to concentrate like this. It was the best, the greatest and fantastic, anyway! Only Yngwie can create this kind of world. And Yngwie is the only one who can invent this art. I'm so happy to be his fan. I want to thank Yngwie, NJP, Pony Canyon, all the persons concerned and Yoko-san. Regrettably I cannot go to the concerto live on the 17th, but I want as many people to know this deep emotion! It's a real music!
FAR BEYOND THE SUN was the highest level. Yngwie, NJP and fans were perfectly united as one. We were the audience but also one of a player, and in the end, there was a flood of applause. Yngwie came back to the stage to respond to their encouragement. His smile was really wonderful. I'll never forget about this night. I want to say thank you to Yngwie from my heart. Please make this live video asap, so that I can repeat this excitement and impression.

My seat was excellent By NICOLO

Dear Yoko-san, My seat was excellent this time! I was really astonished to see Yngwie so close. I could hear the live sound of his picking and even smell his perfume. Thank you so much for your arrangement. Yngwie will be coming back on July, and this year is going to be the brightest year for me.

I was very impressed By TAGUCHI

I was very impressed to see the live on 15th of June. I thought he will play just MILLENNIUM and some other numbers, but surprised to know there were part 1 and 2 with FAR BEYOND THE SUN for the encore. It was greater then I've expected. Furthermore, when I was shouting after FAR BEYOND THE SUN, I sensed Yngwie looked at me (I believe) and threw a pick toward me. Although I didn't know where the pick has gone at first, I found it on my seat. When I held this pick in my hand, I was so excited. Yoko-san, thank you for arranging a wonderful seat.

We are still in excitement By Y. AMANO

Good morning, we are still in excitement. We came back late last night, so I guess it was hard for my child to go to school today. But as soon as he got up, he smelled the towel which he got from Yngwie last night, and said, 'there is still a smell...'My wife ( who was sitting right behind Yoko-san) was also excited and she was continuously talking about Yngwie since we came back home last night, like, 'He's cute, he's cool, his eyes look like inhaling everything...etc. My wife also loves classic music, so she loves Yngwie's music too and we always go to his concert. But I guess it was the first time for her to see him so close. She was completely brainwashed. I think I can expect better reaction from her if I talk about Yngwie next time. Great! Thank you for arranging wonderful seats. Truly Yngwie J. Malmsteen, thank you for the greatest night. I will also go to his concert next month with my family.

It's a great thing@BY LAZY

It is a great thing that I could live same era with such a real genius like Yngwie, and to attend his historical moment. This concerto was really wonderful!! I can declare it's absolutely true. I'm very happy and honor to be here to see this! I can't find a right word to express my feeling. I think it's too difficult to express this concerto live correctly even if you choose any kind of words. Did you see his face with satisfaction after the performance? It was great, wasn't it? No matter how I say, I know it just sounds commonplace, but I appreciate from my heart to the fact that I could meet genius like Yngwie, to Yoko-san who arranged this wonderful time for me. Thank you so much.

All we are getting mad with excitement BY FUZZY

All I can say is great. I guess it's about the time for climax. I believe audiences at the orchard hall are getting mad with excitement too. Regrettably, I couldn't go today because of my work. I came back home a few minutes ago and when I was watching a clock, I suddenly remembered that wonderful concert I saw two days ago. It was really a great concert. Especially the storm of the standing ovation in finals was far beyond my description. The smile that Yngwie showed us after the performance was full of confidence and satisfaction, and completely different from his usual rock concert. It became unforgettable memory for me. I guess everyone also discovered that his eyes were shining than ever. Needless to say, I was too excited to sleep that night, and sat up late. I can't find a right word to express my sincere appreciation to NJP who made this sensational event came true. I already got an E-mail from my friend overseas, asking for my impressions. I think it will be wonderful if this concerto live in Japan makes him a chance to conduct also in U.S. and Europe.

How do you do?@@By JINGUJI
I'm 26-year old man who live in Japan and born on the very same day as you, 30th June.
I've listening to your music for about 10 years. I also went to see your live, Concerto with the orchestra for both two days. Actually, I already had a ticket a year ago and I was really looking forward to it. But I became ill and had to be hospitalized and be operated last year. So I wasn't sure whether I could see your concert. But, anyhow, I've decided to take an operation only for desiring to see your dream come true, that is to play with the orchestra. Fortunately the operation succeeded and my health recovered well. So I could make it to see your live. For that reason, I could feel happiness with my whole body to be in the same place and the same era when your long-time dream came true. I was moved into tears. I was very impressed, I cannot find other words. Thank you very much.
Please take great care of yourself as you are doing very hard schedules of the world tour this time. I wish your rock concert will also succeed. I'm looking forward to seeing your live again in Japan.

How emotional you played!!@BY H.M.
What a great tension he has, as if he composes songs when he play.
May be so. Try to recall it again, everyone! Wasn't it more than music what we experienced?
We had tears for beautiful melodies. I was almost cried out in the intermission of ADAGIO and VIVACE which were absolutely far better than CD(studio recorded one). When he played different phrases than CD (yes, he is an improviser.) , it was hard no to shed a tears, some parts had a different arrangement between 15th and 17th, so I was happy to go both days. (On 15th I sat on the rear row and middle. On 17th, my seat was just in front of Yngwie - yes, I could see his aura.) I was also touched by BLACK STAR played by NJP. (I discovered myself trembling when I tried to stop crying.) I was so happy to be an observer of the legend of Yngwie's historical achievement. (a half century later, this concerto, DVD will be used for music education, I guess.)
Yngwie, you will compose next album, Concerto OP:2, won't you? You can also play both Concerto OP:2 and MILLENNIUM in the next concert. (How many years should I wait?) Thank you for NJP, too. I wish you will cooperate Yngwie again. This Concerto live will be my treasure. I really appreciate everybody who made this possible. Thank you so much. (The end of par1)

(Part 2) I thought Yngwie admitted the mistakes of ICARUS on the second day, which was out of his character. Yngwie usually covers his mistakes instantly in his rock concert. Oh may be my ears was bad and it wasn't mistake. I think second day's live was not perfect. But his play was powerful and very emotional that he almost undid a mistakes. I hope I could see perfect play of MILLENNUIUM again. Next time with new concerto album!

Was there a such perfect concert before?@BY HIROAKI ICHIKAWA
The conductor, an orchestra and a chorus did Yngwie's complicated songs brilliantly which contains a lot of flats. And of course, a real greatness which the music has well expressed. Moreover, I could see Yngwie's persistence in his guitar playing. That is not to uses tapping. He only tapped when it was needed like the high light of VIVACE. Original play of guitar is to press the strings with the left hand and flicking the strings with the right hand, so no need to carry in the tapping form the rock world this time. I thought that's what he thought. (I was not sure whether he has considered like this, of course.) In many places, people are saying, 'Yngwie is finished'. or 'we can't now expect that great impression of 80's of him again. Many people criticize him like his guitar playing has no contents any more. But I want these people to apologize here now. Yngwie has just started. He completed his Concerto in '98 and it was premiered this year. Yngwie's origin is classic, and he just reached to this original point. I think now he is in the starting line. He just reached to zero point from minus at last.... May be this is not a good impression, but I'm not saying that the former was useless, it was process to make a current foundation. Actually I couldn't find useless melodies or sounds in its improvisations this time. His play was also very neat and he was picking each strings carefully from his heart. Yngwie has accomplished one step as a player and a composer, and I'm sure his master piece will be changing from now on. Thank you for NJP, a conductor, Mr. Taizo Takemoto, and people who supported this performance. Thank you so much.
I hope very much that the baroque work which follows 'MILLENNIUM' is performed with the same member again.


Good evening everybody. This is my first entry! Although I was visiting this HP for some time, I've never dropped a line before. But today, I went to see NJP's concert and it was so impressive that I just couldn't help myself.......(tears)
I was wishing to see 'live Yngwie!!!'from long time ago, so I did my best to get a ticket this time. My seat was 5th row of left hand side. When the show started, I was really moved, touched......and trembling. It was just great! I wish to go to his show again!!!


Good evening. This is my first entry. Yes, I went there. Concert with NJP. I was so moved and shed tears. It was just excellent. Great. Fantastic. It was the best concert I've ever seen. Encore was 'FAR BEYOND THE SUN', and.... Oh, I want to go on 17th as well!


The first part, 5 songs from Yngwie's masterpiece (Approx. 30-35min).
Especially 'BROTHERS'was tearjerker.
Followed by 20 minutes break, the second part was CONCERTO SUITE 'MILLENNIUM'(43min).
This was exactly the same as CD, but seems it was world premiere. It worth more to hear that.
Encore was 'FAR BEYOND THE SUN'. That was superb. The excitement of the audiences reached its climax. Started at 19:15 and finished at 21:15 (including encore), so playing time was 1 hour and 40 minutes. In the end, everybody gave a standing ovation, and was so excited. I can say it was a great success. Yngwie looks very happy too.


I'm usually ROM but going to write today 'cause I was really impressed. I want to tell Yngwie about this feeling. You really moved me. I never thought of myself becoming like this.
Thank you Yngwie.
Thank you Mr. Takemoto.
Thank you NJP.


Well, my last entry was at the previous ALCHEMY tour. Maybe it's better to say how do you do? Yes, I went there today. Actually, I was so busy and not so sure whether I could go although I had a ticket. So I was more than happy to see him live today. Since I listened to 'MILLENNIUM', I knew that I will cry if I see live. But in fact, it was more than cry and I was just shocked and struck dumb because of its deep impression and power. It's not only me I guess. Don't you think guitar sound was quite different compare the first part (especially the first song that Yngwie played) and the second part? I personally prefer a sound of the second part which was much clear sound and good. Actually, I will also go Shibuya so I'm excited. I might drop a line quite often in future, so please keep in touch!


Oh my god, I've got gooseflesh all over...... It was great!! As for MILLENNIUM, sometimes guitar got howled when the choir's chorus came in (wonder why), but the sound of a win instruments have more bass sound. May be it depends on where you sit. Anyway, it was a historical moment! I personally wanted to hear the second part of TRILOGY SUITE OP:5 and SKY EUPHORIA of ASYLUM too. EVIL EYE was the song I never heard in live before, but it was great to hear orchestra version for the first time. Anyway, I'm looking forward to seeing Sunday's live as well! Malm!!! Thank for tearjerker!!


My eyes were already full of tears during BLACK STAR (although Yngwie was not on the stage yet). And gooseflesh never disappeared after that. I'm still so excited and not sure what I really want to say.


I went to the show! It was great!! I've got gooseflesh! I shed a tears! Tagisuke almost wet his pants! Our seat was on 3rt floor, and could only see little-finger sized Yngwie, but the balance of the sound was excellent and it was so beautiful. I could find little mistakes or howling but that means nothing. It was impressive indeed. But there was one thing that I could never forgive. A person at the back-seat was recording a show! (It was also shameful that we couldn't stop them.) Moreover, they chatted or made some noise while Yngwie playing, and we were distracted our attention. I hope they are not the ones who visits this site. I asked information clerk to give my present (JINBEI, Japanese clothes) to Yngwie! May be he's not happy to receive..... I couldn't see so much people bringing flowers, but how was everyone? Information clerk accepted my request pleasantly. I believe I was right to do so. Play Loud!!


How do you do?
It was really a great concert.
I'm too excited to seep tonight.
Big appreciation to Yngwie, Mr. Takemoto, and NJP.


C'mon MILLEENIUM. I was boring and I was almost asleep. Looking maestro from his back was bit pity. I wish I could see hem from his front during at least half of the show. But it was crying.....I mean his Duck, and myself too Extremely. Well I got his autograph too which will be also added to my treasure, so it was a great night anyway. Super improviser Y.J.M!! You came into my heart again. Thanks maestro. Thank you for great show.


How do you do? I'm Tamazow.
Well, it was terrific and beyond my description.
It was too great, and I can't find a word to describe it......
I was right to come all the way from Kobe telling a lie to the company saying my relative died, in order to get a day-off.
I couldn't stop crying from the very beginning, the harp introduction of BLACK STAR. And during encore, I couldn't see anything with tears and my body was trembling with deep impression. The shock I got from music this time was as big as when I first listened to maestro's music in my 25 years life. Yes, he is genius as I expected. I think he can see something that we can't.....
10 year from first shock. Mr. Yngwie Malmsteen, you deeply touched my heart again! It was a day to realize again that he is one of a few selected artist who can give us a deep impression over the life or even the era. Yngwie, you're really great!!!


That two hours was like a dream. My dream to be continued on 17th.


It was an exciting concert. Am I the only one who wished classic concert to become more exciting one like this? I also want to go to his rock concert at Shibuya! (but I have my own concert that day!) I also want to go to his rock concert at Akasaka! (also the same) During 5 days until today's concert, NJP's members became fans of Malmsteen. I'm happy if Malmsteen's fans also become fans of NJP...... We're going to burn tomorrow as well!


I was so moved yesterday. It was worth to come all the way from Osaka as a day trip! Of course CONCERTO SUITE was great, but what I most got touched was the part one. Usually, when I hear a classical version of rock music, I got quite disappointed. But Yngwie was different!! I cannot tell how many times I was about to cry from the opening song, BLACK STAR. And when the 3rd song BORTHERS started, I already couldn't control my emotion. Anyway, I want to thank Yngwie for unforgettable memory which you really moved me. And also thanks to everybody in NJP.


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