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What's comes next album jacket design !!


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What's comes next album jacket design !!
Mega Fan Site want your Idea !!
Please Vote your favorite design image from here !

šOpen fan design artwork gallery at "Mega Fan Site" from 1/Feb./2002 to 10/Feb./2002.

šYou can vote which do you like !

šThe winner of this contest get some special Yngwie item. result will announce on 14/Feb./2002.

šArt Gallery š click them you can see the detail of each images. (Vote your favorite one from 1 to 10/Fab./2002j

Painter No.1 e-sin No.2 Hiko No.3 Hiko No.4 Togisuke


Message In this macrocosm, there must be humankind somewhere besides on the
earth, then......
I wish they have music, too.
Please consider this "J" to imply "juvenile", "journey", or something,
will you?
I ought to enter my works as the one who had brought up this contest. So
I began drawing but then it was pretty tough!
Through trial and error, however, it's a pleaser to make arts from the
subject matter of your favorite Yngwie, isn't it?!
The part of Yngwie appears pretty different from the surroundings, I
know (sweating). Please look upon it as just a caricature which is based
on an idea of putting him into a stained glass window.
The theme being "Yngwie turned into a god", I arranged a cross. He often
wears crosses, you know. Actually I wanted there to be also a halo
around him....(laughing).
This moon is there without any particular reason.
I'd like the letters to look gilt with gold.
Painter No.5 M Magnum Pampers No.6 Aaron No.7@SEKI No.8@Atsushi


Message I was looking for some ideas, Monday night, then I hit upon an image of
a hawk. I intended to draw a picture which is not the same as Yngwie's
usual ones but nonetheless deserves the name of Rising Force. I painted
it with color pencils late at nights, Wednesday through Thursday, and
finally finished though it looks a little bit rough. Then I got it
scanned and transmitted Friday. I was really being into this work last
week (Jan. 21 through 25) as though I was being possessed by a demon. I
like this layout. What do you think?
Enter Hero!.......Well, I couldn't help going so far as to title this "album" at my will (laughing).
I chose this photo of Yngwie's face just because its angle matches, but
what a firm-looking man! Originally I designed this for the New Year's post cards, so it was hard to re-compose the whole and re-arrange the letters.
But it still has some defects, doesn't it?
Am I the only one who's doing this half-jokingly? (LOL)
Thanks to Jacques-Louis David, Fender Japan, &
"Armored Cavalry in a mist"
This is the one for a neo-classical album, and also the horse is connected with this year's character in Chinese astrology. Is it too common? No, the armor should be a basis of neo _classical!!
I expressed Yngwie's brimful power by using a pentagram as a symbol of the five characteristics of a magic, the five senses, the five big compositions of a nature world, the human limbs and the head. I hope that he will make a concept album next time with this motif.
Painter No.9@Megane-maru No.10@Hajime-chan

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"Yngwie sound will be touch to the people's spirits and reach to the darkness of a chaotic world."
I tried to express this concept powerfully but with most simple way.

This is an image of that summon a Knight's spirit form the guitar in order to challenge to a modern music industry. Not sure about contents of the next album, but since Yngwie comes from a knight's family and also is trying to advance into US market recently, I thought it might fit to the current Yngwie image if I could make it as if a spirit of the knight exists, that is traditional, classical, and having a faith. But my skill is poor so I can only give an idea. I tried to think a picture that everyone wants to take his CD in their hand. By the way, I intend to make a basic shape as a pick. Something like a picture that knight is coming out from the guitar through a pick.

support by Aaron and kyoko

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