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The Stars Project !
We are making our own play tribute album to Yngwie,
Let's join us ! Send your play sound to "Mega Fan Site!"
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Our Tribute Albums
Stars1; Stars2; Stars3; Stars4; Stars5; Stars Special(Stars6); Stars7; Stars8; Stars9


第10弾 Stars 10 "タイトル未定" (21/May/2006)

Yngwie J. Malmsteen Mega Fan Site!
Original Compilation Vol. 10



Dear big Yngwie fan music player in the world !!
Our original 10th Yngwie tribute album are waiting for your join (time limit is August)
more detail will be ask to MegaFanSite by E-mail !!

第9弾 Stars 9 "Battlefeild Hero" (23/Jan/2005)

Yngwie J. Malmsteen Mega Fan Site!
Original Compilation Vol. 9
Battlefeild Hero
The fan tribute for YngwieモMaestroモMalmsteen.
All tunes are originated by Mr. Malmsteen, but with "*" mark tunes are their original.

Track List
N.O.-Syo:Guitars, Composition,Rec,Mix Isamu:Vocals,Words
Metal-X (Miyachi and Doi)
Michael Gapys
Mark Protze
5 ATACK !!
Yoshi:Vocal T.Mizukawa:Guitar
6 EVIL EYE (Acoustic Varsion)
N.O.-Syo:Guitars, Compositin, Rec, Mix
Duck:El&Ac Guitar Jun: Bass Alex Argento:Synth Solo

第8弾 Stars 8 "Endress Battle" (15/Feb./2004)


Yngwie J. Malmsteen Mega Fan Site!
Original Compilation Album Vol.8
Endress Battle

1) Scream in Thunder (Miyachi and Doi)
2) Winter's Bane(CASSANDRA CROSS)
3) Fullblast (Paul Nelson)
5) Far Beyond the sun (MEHMET HAKAN OZHENDEKCI from Turkey)
6) Forever is a long time (Yasu & Yoshi)
7) Winter Rondo for Electric Guitar and Orchestra (Yasu)
8) Her Eyes (Michael Gapys)

Stars8front view (left) and back view (right) Art paintings by LV Design by Horiuchi.

from Here is the CD review by Ronny Elst

Yngwie J. Malmsteen Mega Fan Site Vol. 8

Yngwie J. Malmsteen Mega Fan Site Vol. 8 Endless Battle

Category : New release
Format : CD
Playing time : 32:21 Minutes
Release : 2003
Label : Stars-08
Style : Yngwie J. Malmsteen Tribute
Country : Japan

Songs : Scream In Thunder ; Winterユs Bane ; Full Blast ; Leviathan ; Far Beyond The Sun ; Forever Is A Long Time ; Winter Rondo For Electric Guitar And Orchestra ; Her Eyes

This is already the 8th Yngwie tribute edition of his Japanese Mega Fan Site, put together by Yoko Miyazaki.Not only Japanese musicians are playing on this tribute cd, but also some from other countries.Koky (メLeviathanモ), Mehmet Hakan Ozhendecki (メFar Beyond The Sunモ), Yasu & Yoshi (メForever Is A Long Timeモ) cover some well known Yngwie songs, but Miyachi & Doi (メScream In Thunderモ), Cassandra Cross (メWinterユs Baneモ), Paul Nelson (メFull Blastモ), Yasu (メWinter Rondo For Electric Guitar And Orchestraモ) and Michael Gapsys (メHer Eyesモ) play their own written songs, of course most strongly Yngwie-influenced.
With メScream In Thunderモ and メForever Is A Long Timeモ, there are 2 songs represented with (typical Japanese high pitched) vocals.All the other ones are instrumental compositions.
The production of this tribute cd sounds very good and all the guitarists are very good too.
Maybe weユll hear more of some of them in the near future, but of course Yngwie is still our guitar hero number 1!!!
Yoko, continue your good work and up to volume 9!

Homepage :
E-mail :

80 %

by Ronny Elst (2003)

第7弾 Stars 7 ”Battle of Immortal Beast "(02/Dec./02)
イタリアでのアルバム評(Review)here is the Italian site !!
English is here

Yngwie J. Malmsteen Mega Fan Site!
Original Compilation Album Vol.7
Battle of Immortal Beast

Track List
1: Fight For Your Faith (Miyachi:Guitars & Composing, Doi:Vocals & Lyrics)
2: Crystal Ball (
Edge of Time/Chris Heaven, Michael von Knorring, Noriyuki Yoshida(guest G.) and Alex Argento:keyboards, Ciccio Alagna: Bass)
3: Disciples of Hell (Kaz:keyboards &Vocals, Yuko.:Guitars)
4: Queen In Love (Chris Falco's Demon Angels/Chris Falco: Guitar,Michael Carrata: Vocals, JohnhLie: Drums, Alex Argento: Keyboards)
5: Krakatau (Alex Argento: Keyboards, Ciccio Alagna: Bass, Graziano Manuele: Guitar )
6: Crash 'n' Burn (Michael Gapys featuring Chris Heaven/Michael Gapys: Guitar/Bass, Chris Heaven: Vocals, Alex Argento: keyboards)
7: Guitar Sonata No.3 (YASU:Guitar, keyboards & Composing)
8: Dreaming (Chris Heaven : Vocals, Simone Bresciani (Elektradrive) : Piano&Keyboards)
9: Motherless Child (Miyachi: Guitar, Doi:Vocals)
10: Travel Inside (Max Arminchiardi:Guitar/Bass/Keyboards, Danny Hammer :Vocals, Roby Testa :Drums)

We are waiting for your pre-order, send e-mail to MegaFanSIte !

Hello, Jonas Hornqvist please contact to MegafanSite !!

This is Stars7 Jacket artwork !! アートワークです↓(デザインと作成はhoriuchiさんです、感謝!)

front & back cover artwork

A wonderful review of the tribute...(Chris Heaven gives the good translation, big thanks for your kindness.)
This is the translation.

For the second time I make a review of a tribute to my favorite guitar-hero produced by his Japan Fan Club. The good Yoko Miyazaki had put together Japan and European artists that play cov er versions of Malmsteen songs and some of their tunes in Malmsteen style.
First song is from Miyachi and Doi with "Fight for your faith" that is their composition but seems really from a Malmsteen album, good sound (also if with a drum machine) and good interpretation from the vocalist that forced a bit too much on high notes. Second song if from Edge Of Time, easy work for them, Michael Von Knorring was a Malmsteen drummer on the album "Eclipse". Here they play a song from "Odissey", the great "Crystal Ball", with Heaven that wear perfectly the Joe Lynn Turner clothes, a good Alex Argento on keyboards that fit perfectly the tunes of Johannson and a great Noriyuki Yoshida on guitar. Very good production for a band that sound really near to the original. "Disciples of hell" is played by Kaz and Yuko that also with a good introduction had some problem (expecially in the mix) on the more aggressive part of the song and the sound is a bit pasted. Chris Falco and his Demon Angels played a good version of "Queen In Love" with the new good vocalist Michael Carrata (but with a bad mixage of the vocals) and a great John Lie on drums. "Krakatau" is played by Alex Argento and some of his friends. A good work with an amazing interpretation by the keyboards-player from Sicily that is a revelation. "Crash and burn" is played by the polish guitarist Michael Gapys with again Alex Argento on keyboards and Chris Heaven on vocals. And is the vocals of Heaven that is not good as in the precedent song. I feel Chris don't fit perfectly the tune of Michael Vescera compared what he had do on good version of songs of Turner. Gapys have a great technical and I think we'll listen soon again something from him. Yasu plays his composition "Guitar Sonata No.3" playing all instruments like Malmsteen with a good result. Again Chris Heaven on "Dreaming" (again from Odissey) with the keyboard-player Simone Bresciani in a strange version with a Queen arrangment and without a guitar. I love this version maybe more than the original but I think Yngwie will not like it ehhe. Again Miyachi with "Motherless Child" (Eclipse) with the singer Doi that in the first part remember me perfectly Goran Edman. The album end with a composition from Max Arminchiardi ("Travel Inside") with an amazing classic guitar intro that I think will stun 90% of guitar-players. A bit too forced the vocals of Danny Hammer (like I said in the full review of Max album) but anyway a wonderful song.
A good tribute also if now the italian (with great songs) are more than Japan guys! I'm sure that Yoko Miyazaki soon will produce the Vol. 8 and I'm waiting!!!

Rate: 70/100

第6弾 Stars Special Angel Never Cry ! (29/May/02)

This album Jacket is original art work picture by LV.

Yngwie J. Malmsteen Mega Fan Site!
Original Compilation Album Vol.6 (Stars Special)
Angel Never Cry !

1 Asylum -the first movement orchestra arrange (arrange and all play by Godspeed) ->You can listen here( 試聴)
2 The Only One (Chris Heaven Band: Italy)
->You can listen here( 試聴)
3 You Don't Remember (Chris Falco Band: Italy)
4 Adagio in G minor (K: Mistheria :Italy)
5 Rising Force (Steel Driver : Yoshida et,al.)
6 Still See You in My Eye (original by Kaz)
7 Faster than the Speed of the Light (Vo.:Doi, G:Miyachi, Othsers:Miyachi)
8 Y's Waltz (original by Duck, G:Duck, B:Jun, P:Shin)
->You can listen here( 試聴)

Bonus track-Encore-

9 I'll See the Light Tonight (G:Mr. DC-10, V:Awano)
10 Jet to Jet (G:Ryuichi, V&B:Bones)

Stars-06 April 2002 JAPAN
Coordinator yoko
Engineering & Manufacturing by Duck


第5弾 Getting New Heaven ! (26/Jan./02)
The 5th our tribute album

Yngwie J. Malmsteen Mega Fan Site!
Original Compilation Album Vol.5
Getting New Heaven !

1. Break Through : ->You can listen here( 試聴)
  Vocal : KIM, Guitar & Composing : Tack 5:36
2. OVERTURE1383:
Guitar : Hiroki Buss Drums & Key MIDI 3:00 
3. Love is Blind:
Key and All Program and Composing : Kaz 5:03
4. Wield My Sword : 
Vocal : Doi, Guitar & Programming : Miyachi 6:12 
5. Prophet of Doom : 
  Vocal : Doi, Guitar & Programming : Miyachi 5:32
6. Black Intention : 
  Vocal & Guitar and Composing
: All Gunz Blazing!! Key : Kagoshima (Steel Driver) 6:26

Total time 31:54

Stars-05 JAN 2002 JAPAN
Coordinator yoko
Engineering & Manufacturing by Duck


第4弾 Another Heaven ! (21/Jan./01)
The 4th our tribute album

Yngwie J. Malmsteen Mega Fan Site!
Original Compilation Album Vol.4
Another Heaven !

1. Blitzkrieg : Guitar&Programming : Miyachi
Leonardo : Vocal : Rie Bass : Jun Choir : senoB Guitar : Duck
Jet to Jet : Vo&Bass : Bones Guitar&Programming : Ryuichi
Hiroshima mon amor Vo&Bass : Bones Guitar&Programming : Ryuichi
Black Star : Guitar&Programming : Miyachi
Prominence (Original): Guitar&Key : Nakagawa
Overture1383 : Guitars bass Keyboards Synth&Drum programming : h
Darkness(Original) : music lyrics : h&marc michika Recorded Mixed Mastered : h
Gimme Gimme Gimme : Guitars Drum&Bass Programming : Antonio 
Vo&Cho : Jasmine Key : Gracia produce and mix : hiko
You don't remember〜 : Vo : KAORI Guitar&Bass : SUE、Drum Prog : SUE Key : SUE
Prisoner of your love : Vo : KAORI Guitar&Bass : SUE、Drum Prog : SUE Key : SUE

Stars-04 JAN 2001 JAPAN
Coordinator yoko
Engineering & Manufacturing by Duck & Hiko


第3弾 "Heavens Sign !"
The 3rd our tribute album

Yngwie J. Malmsteen Mega Fan Site!
Original Compilation Album Vol.3
Heaven's Sign !

* is original & +is composer
1.*General Speed (All-play +Sue) 2:28->You can listen here( 試聴)
2.*Picture Of The Fate(Nao-Vo,+Ryu-G) 4:07
3.Far beyond the sun (All-play Miyachi) 4:59
4.Brothers (All-play HS-3) 2:34
5.Dreaming "tell me"
(UTAMAL-Vo, Ryu-G) 5:08
6.*Never Surrender(All-play +Ikeuchi) 4:09
7.*Magic Player
(Ibaraki G3 +ANTONIO-G middle, HIKO-G left, TATSUO-G right & KEY-Gracia) 6:21
8.Amberdawn (All-play Shinbei) 4:21
9.*Dance demon dance(All-play +Jonsson) 2:42
10.*Requiem(All-play +Jonsson) 6:12
11−13. *Concert for Electric Guitar No.3 in Cmajor Op.14 NWV250 (All-play +Nakagawa)
  11 1mvt. allegro in Cmajor 3:08
  12 2mvt. adagio in Cminor 1:53
  13 3mvt. allegro in Cmajor 1:43 
14.Brothers (Jun-Bass, Duck-G) 3:43
15.*Cristal Tear(All-play +Nakagawa) 4:44

Stars-03 MAY 2000 JAPAN
Coordinator yoko
Engineering & Manufacturing by Hiko & Duck


第2弾 See you in Heaven !
The 2nd our tribute album
(25/Feb./2000 完成)

Yngwie J. Malmsteen Mega Fan Site!
Original Compilation Album Vol.2
See You in Heaven !

1.Vengeance/Nakagawa(G)&Goumoto(Vo) 5:01
2.ForeverOne/Duck(G),Bones(Vo)&Jun(B) 4:29
3.TrilogySuite /Sue(G) 2:44
4.Seventhsign/Nakagawa(G)&Goumoto(Vo) 6:09
5.Eclipse/Sue(G) 2:57
6.YouDon't Remember/Antonio(G)&Jasmine(Vo) 4:21
7.Memories 2000/HS-3(key) original 2:51
8.Disciples of Heaven/Duck(G) original 1:14
9.Ryu-Kyu/Hiko(G) original 4:16

Stars-02 February 2000 JAPAN
Coordinator yoko
Engineering & Manufacturing by Hiko


第1弾 How many miles to the Heaven ! 
The 1st our tribute album

Yngwie J. Malmsteen Mega Fan Site!
Original Compilation Album Vol.1
How Many Miles to The Heaven

1. I'll see the light, tonight
(Vocal ∀wano, Guitar Mr.DC-10, Bass Violet)
2. Liar
(Vocal ∀wano, Guitar Yoshi, Bass Violet)
3. Bedroom eyes
(Vocal Atsuki, Guitar Antonio, Bass Yamagata)
4. Demon Driver
(Vocal Kuwayama, Guitar Yoshi)
5. Magic Mirror
(Vocal ∀wano, Guitar Mr.DC-10)
6. Shulie
(Hiko original tune, Guitar Hiko )

Stars-01 September1999 JAPAN
Coordinator yoko
Engineering & Manufacturing by Hiko





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