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Txetxu's Spain Live Report Pictures from
Magnum Opus Tour and
Facing the Animal Tour

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The pics were shot on two different stages.
first two of them are from the Bilbao show during the Magnum Opus Tour,
you know, when Yngwie had a bear.
This show took place in a club called "La Factoria", quite small,
where we, thefans, could not even breath.
The rest of four pics are from the Facing the Animal Tour in a club called "Jam".
There you can see Yngwie with a beautiful acoustic guitar, with Mats Leven, and singing. In this one her woman's legs can be seen beneath Him.

最初の2枚はマグナムオーパスツアーの時のビルバオでのステージです、Yngwieにはヒゲがついてます、また残りの4枚の写真はFacing the AnimalツアーでのJamと呼ばれるクラブでのステージ写真です、素敵なアコースティックギターを弾くYngwieとマッツレビンも映ってます(拡大してくださいね)、Yngwieの足の間から、綺麗な女性の足がのぞいてます

By Txetxus

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