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Exclusive CD Insert in British Guitarist Magazine, January 2000 (04/Sep./2000)

Yngwie's spoken introduction (MP3)← you can hear

Yngwie's Spoken Introduction to his Improvisation

Hello, this is Yngvie J. Malmsteen on the GUITARIST CD.
For this pickup track I played my 1968 FENDER maple-neck capped-board Stratocaster going through a JIM DUNLOP "Crybaby" wah-wah pedal, into an IBANEZ "Tube Screamer", and then into a CORNFORD 50-watt head, which I've never tried before, which sound road of good old friends here at the GUITARIST magazine supplied for me.
Anyway, I hope you'll enjoy the GUITARIST CD, world-exclusive, and, also my "ALCHEMY" record coming out very very soon.
Thank you and god bless !

[from exclusive CD insert in Jan. 2000 issue of British GUITARIST magazine, recorded on Dec/15/1999]

Yngwie の声による、インプロヴィゼイションの紹介


〔 英国 GUITARIST 誌、2000年1月号の付録CDより。1999年12月15日 録音 〕

Dictation and translation by Aaron in cooperation with Yoko, "h", and Mr. Matthew Keefer

このhearing &translation(翻訳)はAaronさんがMatthew君や"h"さんの協力のもとに完成させてくれました
Thanks a lot for you guys big effort to complete this job!

"Yngwie Malmsteen's Killer Licks" (MP3) ← you can hear
(circulating around the Internet under the title "Killer Licks")

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