Yngwie Makes Guest Appearance on Asa's New Album

Faith, Hope and Love
Verjin Records Swedwn 7243 812676 2 2

Yngwie play on track "10 GOEKSBYPOLSKA "

イングヴェイがスウェーデンで有名なフォーク歌手のオーサ・インデルと競演した彼女のニューアルバムFaith, Hope and Loveが発売されました。大手の輸入盤屋さんにあるかもしれません、バッハをモチーフにしたすこしクラッシックのようなジャズのような素敵な音楽です、その中にでてくるYngwieの演奏もどこか今までとは違う雰囲気です。

Yngwie Makes Guest Appearance on Derek's New Album

Derek Sherinian's latest album, Black Utopia, due out in April, features Yngwie on tracks 1, 2, and 6. Track listing is as follows:

1. The Fury
2. The Sons of Anu
3. Nightmare Cinema
4. Stony Days
5. StarCycle
6. Axis of Evil
7. Gypsy Moth
8. Sweet Lament
9. Black Utopia

You can hear clips from the album (including Yngwie!) on Derek's website here: www.dereksherinian.comThe opening cascading riffs of "The Fury" will send shivers down your back! The album will be released April 17 in Japan on Big MF/Zain Records and April 22 in Europe and U.S. on InsideOut Music. Thanks to Derek for the information!