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I think you want to say somebody your idea or opinion of your inside Yngwie world , I know you need to have some discussion about Yngwie to release of your frustration of daily life that there are no person who can understand your world, you want to show somebody, when you meet Yngwie world, how do you think about him, how much goodness or badness in your feeling about him, how deeply you love him, etc.
Here is complete "Opinion" space to you, even if you send negative opinion to me I will up here, but I love
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To people say that Yngwie is always doing the same thing
@by FN22 By FN22

I was 3rd grade of high school when I first met Yngwie's music.
There was a guy who loves HM/HR, and he lent me DEEP PURPLE, MR. BIG, etc.
I became found of HM/HR, and finally met Yngwie's music when he suggested me to listen to Vengeance of Magnum Opus. I was so shocked and couldn't find a word.
It was the biggest shock I've ever had in my life. And I decided to get his all albums.
I first thought I was shocked to Yngwie's fast and technical play, but I noticed that these kind of speed is not new nowadays. Then what is special? I found the answer, that is "beauty".
Yes, the word "beauty" fits to all Yngwie's songs. He was the first guitarist who reminds me of beauty in rock music.
Some people say, Yngwie's play is always the same, no change.
Do you really think so? I assume those people are talking about continuous use of pedal play and harmonic minor scale, but so what?
For me, those play including sweep and fast lick is Yngwie itself.
Don't you think that is his personality? Or do you think he's better stop using those and start to include recent vogue music instead?
If that happens, I'm not his fan anymore.
Maybe the reason he receives criticism like no change, is because he built his style so fast and still keeping that style. But I think change is not necessary, as he keeps improving.
Look at his live with orchestra. Can you still say he is doing the same thing?
Most of Yngwie's solo in live are improvised. I even think interesting if he releases live album on each live. If you are still saying "he is repeating the same thing", please do not listen to his music anymore. I believe Yngwie's album always gives a beauty, and makes a deep impression on me forever.

(4/April/2004)bTRANSLATION BY Kyoko

Yngwie Malmsteen
@by Henry Nord

Yngwie is the best guitarist in this world and he is best.
His playing came from his heart, and he is an warm person, I have meet him in Sweden.
Its embarrisng that people in Sweden dont exept him, like tv show and radio.
you have to shame.
They dont recodnize hime I really hate that.
Yngwie is not a fool, that people think about him.
He is a good person, what should the world be without Yngwie nothing your jerks in Sweden.
Listen and try to understand him and his playing for god sake.
Yngwie give rock n roll to you.
I play guitar to, so I am very insperation in him and I like classic music, renesans music to.
God Bless You Yngwie.
You give the gift to this world and you got a heart of love.
Bye Bye!
name=Henry Nord

Yngwie's Tone
@by Tiger of the Orient

Here's just a little bit of my personal opinion.

Everyone may have their own idea about how Yngwie is favored or how he is
excellent. What I like best is his tones and melodies, not his speed or
classical compositions. Of course they also are significant factors, but
only secondarily. Because, while the two latters are what to learn, making
good tones is impossible without a natural talent. Being a piece of
guitarist, also I have learned lots of things from my teacher since I was
teen-age. But, in conclusion, I've found out that I could be not more than a
second-rate guitarist as long as I was only learning the teacher's
techniques. Because, however much of technical stuff you learn, you can't
make any difference from millions of other guitarists who are learning like
you do.@Why is Yngwie more popular than most of countless bands with a
guitarist who plays fast and classical? I guess it's because he makes
excellent tones and melodies, those crystaline tones and emotional melodies.
There are some who buy the same gear as Yngwie has, and play the same way as
he does. What are they trying to be? Suppose they manage to make complete
copies of Yngwie tones at all, how many will want to hear them? Isn't it
because Yngwie is making Yngwie tones that people want to hear them? Uli Jon
Roth said, "Techniques are for kindergarteners to learn." "Learn thoroughly
from excellent guitarists for your first few years and then quit listening
to other performaces than your own," said Ritchie Blackmore. In short,
having learned basic techniques, you should make efforts to pursue your own
tones and melodies. If you truely love playing guitar, I think it's a great
pity that you'll remain a "kindergartener." About myself, I still never can
be compared with my teacher, but I'm barely starting to make my own way.
Frankly, I'd say there are quite a few "kindergarteners" among those
Japanese who make their living by playing guitar fast and classical.
Originally, Asian race is good at making melodies. (THE BEATLES, LED
ZEPPELIN, and Martty Freedman, it must be well-known where they searched for
melodies.) It must be necessary for us Japanese to restudy our own culture.
(Koto, gagaku, shamisen, and so forth, there are lots of good instruments in

I say at last. Yngwie is a true genius who was completed when he was still
young, because of a special reason that he was blessed by chances. In this
sence, he is the very "gift from heaven."


the new disc
By Scott

I think yngwie's new disc-"war to end all wars" is great! I seen a show of his on
3-31-01,and it was the most incredible concert ever!!yngwie played 6 or 7 songs from that cd, and
let me just say,THAT EVERY SONG ON THE NEW DISC KICKS ASS!!!! please translate this to japanese,so
they will know that when yngwie comes there to do some shows,they are in for the greatest show of
their lifes!!!! thank you all,love from america,scott dickerson
p.s.- any yngwie fans can e-mail me at (

By scotty burns

why is it that people are so concern with disecting yngwie's songs?
you either love him,or not. I don't think we should get caught up in the details,but enjoy his music,and let it sooth our souls. from this day on,I promise to love his music,and just that. not pick it apart like a fried chicken! thank you for reading this,
love from america; scotty (

By Black Lotuss

When I first heard his music, maybe I was a high school student, and the time I was absorbed in JUDAS PRIEST. At first I was touched by its beautiful melodies. But I didnt like the synthesizer solo. I was always skipping it. So I like resent songs because there are no synthesizer solo like his old tunes. Oh yes, seems there are various kinds of comment to his fast play, but I think its absolutely PLAY LOUD. Like his latest ones, if I listened to his improvised solo of WAR TO END ALL WARS, it gives me a thrill of excitement. I like his well developed melodies especially like his first album too, but I think the sense of thrilled speed, acceleration, and undulation are getting stronger from his recent album, ALCHEMY. May be its not fun to copy his guitar play if you saw a same phrase, but I like it..

My opinion
By Jason

I first heard Yngwie Malmsteen on the 'Rising Force' and 'No Parole From
Rock'n'Roll' albums on the same day in 1984 or 1985, and instantly fell in love with his music.
I still very much have my eye on his talent.
"Enigma Suite" on Jens Johansson's 'Sonic Winter' CD is just wonderful.
I sometimes wish Yngwie would get back into some of the heavy violin expression he had on 'Rising Force', it is very creative.

By Bianca

Hello everybody!
I'm Yngwie's fan and I was thinking about Yngwie's next singer for his next album. I know WTEAW was released just 2 months ago, but Yngwie is already thinking about the next one.
I was really sad to know that Mark has gone. His voice is suberb and he is unique! Well, Jorn Lande won't work with Yngwie on the next album, so I was thinking about Joe Lynn Turner.
Yngwie always says that he has a very good voice, according to Yngwie, Joe wants to be the center of the attention and you know guys that Yngwie wants to be the center.
I know, Yngwie won't read it, but soemone else can say something about it.
Why didn't Yngwie yield a little? That would be good!
Yngwie will be always the center to us, but he is afraid ofit.
If he played with Joe it would be very very good! The dream status in the US would come back and Yngwie's fans would be very happy :-)
I know, some people don't like Joe's voice because his voice is sweet, but it would be nice. Give it a try!

Hey, Happy New Year to everybody!
See ya!!!

YJM & music approach
By mizu

Hello readers and music friends/fans:

I would like to share with you my guitar-love journey and one of my new best
"axe-man", Mr. Yngwie Johann Malmsteen!
I love to listen to guitar sounds very much. That is the reason why I play
the instrument in the first place. My love for guitar begin when I hear
Jimi Hendrix's music in my friends home. From then on, I've been looking
for various guitar players for different ideas and sound. Being a
classically-trained person (i started out playing violin as a child and
grown up listening to Bach, Beethoven, and violin legend, Paganini), I
always wonder about if the sound of the electric guitar can have a more
wider range than the pop&rocks song i heard on the radio. Then my musician
friend suggested YJM for me.

Although I am a new fan to Yngwie and still have a lot to learn about his
back-catalogue, there are features of this guitarist which I admired very
much. Yngwie's precious care & love for the electric guitar is so great! So
much rock players today just play power chord and thrash at their strings
confusingly, but Yngwie did it with such beauty, grace and passion &&
combining them with the technical skills!! Wow..!

I got the 'concerto' album and like it very much! I hope he will soon also
do orchestra pieces in Asia as well~!

Happy Y2K, hail to Yngwie & his Guitar & thanks for reading,
yours truly

*thanks for the person translating this; i hope it is not too looong ~o~

The reason why I can sympathize with Yngwie
By Beginner-K

Hi, Yoko, Hi, everybody.
I'm the one who visits to this site recently.

My guitar history started when I was a university student, that is 20 years ago.
And my hero of its final stage was Yngwie.
After I graduated from the university, I became a worker.
Since I stressed from the bonds/absurdity of society, I restarted to play the guitar.
Then I returned to Yngwie again.

Yngwie is almost my age so I became to understand his irritation and a background of why he is criticized from outside. (I guess all the people knocked about by life is the same as Yngwie.)

Yngwie persists in his own ideal to his heart's content. Even if he is criticized, as a result, he is making the greatest music, challenging for new fields continuously, and gets a world-wide reputation.

Yngwie is surely my hero, and my ideal guitarist.
I want him to keep on going his own way steadily.


>Yngwie can't gratify everybody.
>Nobody can.

I agree that this is true.
Everybody has their own preference. But I'm really glad to know that there are so many people in this world who can sympathize with Yngwie's music and attitude.
This phenomenon is the 'REAL THING'.

Yngwie's music is changing in succession.
But his fundamental policy remains the same as it used to be.
Even you can't respond to the change of his music at first, you'll find the goodness in them gradually if you take your time and listen carefully.

That's why I love Yngwie and understand his fight and his stresses coming from misleading.
As long as we support Yngwie, I believe he'll carry out his own way.
For all that, I like Yngwie's music & his way of life.

90's Yngwie
By Yshutburn

When I first heard Johnny rine's play who had been praised as "90's Yngwie" in BURRN! (The world's heaviest Heavy Metal magazine in Japan), I was deeply
A drama was existing in his limited solo time consisting of beautiful melodies and a kind
of logical development.
I found something in his play that I haven't seen in Yngwie for a while.

I know entire improvised play is an ultimate aim (desire) for guitar players, but it might become hogwash if it goes wrong. By all means, I think it is better to have melodies those have been considered neatly.

Yngwie, I desperately want to hear your beautiful and enthusiastic play again which is only allowed to the person who is blessed by the music of GOD.

By Kyoko

YNGWIE J. MALMSTEEN, he is the artist/guitarist who achieved a great success with his unique talent and unstinting efforts. Once you've fascinated by Yngwie, you won't be back again. You'll become hungry for his music and listen to it endlessly, but never gonna get bored. Then you'll be shocked by knowing that you're thinking about him anytime, anywhere. You feel a deep impression to his works, his plays, and the greatness of his presence that cannot be expressed by words. He has that kind of aura with solemnity, and his music penetrate into your body and soul deeper and deeper.
His unique guitar sound will act very closely with your feelings welling up from deep inside your heart, and promise you a supreme bliss of pleasure.
His slow music/ballads echo as if a drop of water falls into a silent lake, and hollow your heart painfully with his crystal guitar sound.
And in his fast /speed tunes, his guitar sound is roaring like a storm, yet melodies come out from his high speed pickings are fragile and delicate.
All his songs are composed from perfect balance made by his animal intuition and superhuman ingeniousness which is unfathomable to a man of no genius.
His melodies for other parts than a guitar come together beautifully and elegantly with his guitar, and also striking its existence.
Whatever difficulties he met, he overcome admirably, and his robust attitude of daring to go his own way is dependable and filled with dignity.
Yngwie's lessons and studies are reflected in his all lyrics.
Yngwie is the one who provides music that emitting the highest glitter, and keeps on playing. His attraction is put together in his inspired presence.
Yngwie is the only person who reigns over the world as one of modern composers, and can reverberate the world.
I swear I'll continuously love him, support him and give him a big cheer from my heart.
You know why?
Because I'm possessed of his personal attractions.

Translated from original Japanese to English by Mis. Kyoko ..

Listening to Mr. Crowley, what I recently think about the "Guitarist" Yngwie
By Basara Nekki

I bought an album "Tribute to OZZY". I've been listening to Mr. Crowley over and over again. Actually, I'm now listening again, and writing this.
To be honest, it didn't come up to my expectations. Yngwie is just playing sloppy with his peculiar fingering phrases, and it's not beautiful!!
Yngwie's play in songs he had covered before was far better than the original one, but in this Mr. Crowley, seems he couldn't excelled Randy Rhoads.
It's regrettable.
I think something big is missing in Yngwie's recent solo.
That is melodies (in phrases).
I remember Yngwie said some time ago, "no matter how fast I play, I always play melodies. Listen to melodies regardless of speed I play".
Yes, there was "melodies" in his fast play too in the past. And his play was conscientious. But nowadays, his play contains too much of his peculiar fingering phrases, and regrettably, I can't hear those wonderful melodies in his recent fast play.
I can only find it in his slow tunes now. Regrettably...
Yngwie said he had been thinking too much. But I wish that he continues thinking at least a little. Sorry, I've been bit critical.

There is also one thing I realized. Compare to his old tunes, recent solo parts are getting longer. For that reason, he's apt to repeat same phrases over and over again. Even it is the same improvised play, I think old tunes were well arranged because of its shorter solo parts. I guess he also used more patterns of his peculiar fingering phrases, and by developing and/or making a good combination of those patterns, he could play melodious
and wonderful phrases. Now, those patterns are always the same and he repeats them too much. I often think "oh no, this phrase again". For an example, if it comes to arpeggios, his fingers just go down and up the five strings..... I believe he had have more patterns.
I agree improvising is great. But I thought he should not rely on it too much, and I hope him to think a little when he plays. Oh, I'm sorry, I'm critical again.

Please don't get me wrong. I love Yngwie very much and respect him. I just mentioned it because it makes me feel something. I'm really sorry.
As "eh" said, Yngwie's heartfelt plays are really great and I love it too. But I love his melodious fast plays as well.
I know just the fast solo plays are not that important.
But he said he is playing melodies too while he is playing very fast, and also, when the album,
"ALCHEMY" was released, he said "I intentionally made it technical, made it to shut the Joe Stump up, or nobody can catch me if you're not really that fast, and I emphasized on fast plays". In spite of that emphasis, he repeatedly used same kind of phrases in his plays, and I couldn't hear the beautiful melodies. He might able to shut Joe Stamp up, but not the other followers.

"I used to think too much when I improvise, but now I can play the highest without thinking"......Yngwie, is that true?

Translated from original Japanese to English by Mis. Kyoko ..

Yngwie can't gratify everybody!! Nobody can!
By Bianca

Hello, Yoko!
Hello, Everybody!
Well, I read "Dark Blue" opinion.
I've been Yngwie's fan since I was 10 or 11 years old. My brother played guitar and that's why I know Yngwie's music.
I'm not a guitar player, I'm just Yngwie's fan. And I like all Yngwie's albums. I have all of them.I'm agree with him about the song "Like an Angel", I think that Yngwie made more good ballad songs.
There's an album of Yngwie that I don't like so much, Facing The Animal. There're very good songs, but it was not what I expected from him.
The new one, Alchemy is fantastic, I really liked it.
Some Yngwie's fans liked it and some didn't like it, but c'est la vie.Yngwie can't grafity everybody!!!
Thank you for your attention!!!

  • (20/August/2000)

    By Dark Blue (Japan)

    When I was a second grade of junior high school student, I met Yngwie's music like a first contact.
    I visited a friend house, who make me listen the "ANGUISH AND FEAR", I was shocked indeed but at that time,
    "BOOWY (Japanese rock band)" was a popular for me, then I didn't notice how I was getting big impression, I only make sense with it's very cool and unbelievable like Yngwie music is existing in the world !!
    I was also listen to "OVERTURE 1383" on that day.
    Say actually I didn't feel I became hot fan at that time but......
    In a several years later, some day, (I grow up high school student) the phrase of "OVERTURE 1383" suddenly flashed back in my mind (I don't know why )
    I rushed into a CD store.
    I only remembered the tunes title was containing some numbers like "1383", but I remembered the name of "YNGWIE", so I could find the album very easily.
    Since then, I became a Yngwie fanatic!

    According to my memory, "ECLIPSE" album was just released at the time, and I hunted for his all CD's.
    Unfortunately I had no knowledge of Guitar play technique, I can only say I was fascinated by his "music" not his "technique".
    I think his music is very beautiful, and contains lots of emotional melodies.
    Some songs are quite catchy and some are very aggressive.
    In short, all songs are great.
    By my recent feelings, "FIRE AND ICE" album is not touch the level (both of song and guitar play) to compare with his later works, more later albums, I feel their quality has improved dramatically as long as "music" is concerned.
    I believe he can make a smash hit if he seriously write a "Pop" music.
    I know he never going to do that, though.....
    To mention about recent his guitar play, it is only solo works I feel it's getting too simple and dull because most of them are improvised one.
    I think he completely rely on his sense or feeling nowadays, though it used to be more worked out one.
    Of course it's still greater than the other guitarists' play, however it's not enough to get fully satisfaction as a "Yngwie's solos".
    What I really want to hear is that rapid succession of thoroughly polished classical phrases !
    His recent solo play is just like 34% batting average of Mr. Ichiro (who is a famous genius Japanese slugger as he hitting average is always close to 40%).
    This is an excellent result to common players, but it's not enough as a Ichiro's result, right?
    By the way, don't you think we can't hum his recent guitor solo plays?
    That means, I think it's not as melodious as it used to be.
    Especially for ballad tune solos.
    The guitar solo in "SAVE OUR LOVE" is the best one in the world I think, but the other recent solos quality is not be reach to the level.
    I like the introduction of "LIKE AN ANGEL" it's very weepy, but the solo play makes me feel there are something insufficient .....(how do you think? )
    let's talk about his latest album "ALCHEMY", yes, his guitar play itself was really awesome, but only few songs touched my heart.
    Maybe some people who don't play guitar feels this album is a kind of bore.
    I thought of the songs with vocals are very excellent, but the instrumental tunes are not enough to touch my hope level.
    I hope if Yngwie can make more focus of guitar phrases in solo play of instrumental tune just like as he does in vocal song melody lines......
    This is my only hope for recent Yngwie.
    Although Yngwie is already standing at high level, still, I believe Yngwie is the person who can make much higher level albums which can even make "antis" hold their tongue.
    I'm expecting the near future album will be packed by full of masterpieces like "SAVE OUR LOVE", "CRYING", and so on.

    Translated from original Japanese to English by Mis. Kyoko and Yoko..

  • (20/August/2000)

    By eh (Japan)

    This is my opinion about current topics, "Yngwie's solo".
    What I really thought incredible about Yngwie's solo is his play in "CRYING".
    Some time ago, my friend suggested me to listen to Yngwie's album, and I bought "RISING FORCE" and "TRILOGY".
    To me, as an innocent teenager boy who just started to play the guitar at that time, the first impression was just "fast" and "technical".
    But one day, I played "TRILOGY" album while I was taking a shower, and when I got out from the bathroom, I heard a song "CRYING" flowing.
    I sat down in front of speakers, listened to his play, and suddenly not knowing why but I realized tears were streaming from my eyes....
    I thought "excellent..."
    "CRYING" literally overwhelmed me.
    From that day, Yngwie was not a "fast" or "technical", but became an "emotional" and "melodious" guitar player to me.
    Of course I love his recent play and fast play too.
    But I'm always searching for his "heartfelt" play.
    I listen to his play with my eyes closed during his live, and I feel great and really impressed.
    I once saw his interview in a magazine, and he was saying "I play guitar to impress myself".
    What a wonderful phrase! I always remember this when I play the guitar too.
    I believe Yngwie is the guitarist who is the most suitable for this phrase and able to perform it.
    My endless wish to Yngwie; please keep us impressed with your play in your live and also in your albums.

    Translated from original Japanese to English by Mis. Kyoko.

  • (16/August/2000)
  • I am waiting for your hot opinion !!

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