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Rising Force, Polygram, 1984

Marching Out, Polygram, 1985

Trilogy, Polygram, 1985

Odyssey, Polygram, 1988

Trial by Fire/Live in Leningrad, Polygram, 1989

Eclipse, Polygram, 1990

The Yngwie Malmsteen Collection, Polydor, 1991

Fire and Ice, Elektra, 1992

The Seventh Sign, Pony Canyon, 1994

Magnum Opus, Pony Canyon, 1995

Inspiration, Canyon International, 1996; and Foundation Records, 1996.

Facing the Animal, Canyon International, 1997.

Concerto Suite for Electric Guitar and Orchestra in E flat minor, Opus 1, Canyon International, 1998

Live in Brazil , recorded May 1998.

Alchemy , recorded August 1999.

Anthology , recorded January 2000
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War to End All Wars , recorded August 2000

Concerto Suite Live , recorded 17/Jun/ 2001

ATTACK!!, recorded April-June 2002.(14/Sep./02)

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